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Cx Bio

Harnessing the Bioeconomy to Design a Sustainable Future

Who are we

We are interested in feeding the world sustainably. We are biotech Consulting Company  with Academic and Entrepreneurial Experience in Circular Bioeconomy.

Cx Bio’s core competencies are in deep understanding of biology, bioprocessing, economics and environmental studies.

Our focus

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Downstream processing
Renewable feedstocks
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Gas fermentation
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Electromicrobial production
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Microbial protein
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Microbial lipid

Our Services

Techno-Economic Analysis

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Learn about process economics, make data-driven choices, and measure your unit economics at scale to raise funds.


We offer customised workshops in various topics of biomanufacturing space. 

Novel Foods Application

If you need help navigating the Novel Foods regulatory framework, we can help.

Life Cycle Assessment

Measure environmental impact in the early stages of your process development. Quantify benefits to justify green premiums. 

Industry creation

We connect stakeholders in the biomanufacturing space and support establishment of JVs.

Moon Projects

Humans are settling the Moon. Cx Bio has two projects to feed astronaughts and produce propellant.

Biology research

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Leverage subject matter experts in fermentation so you can focus on your core RnD. 

Tools and Databases

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We are developing new tools and databases to help founders de-risk their projects.

Community Page

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Blog articles, Young Innovator Challenge, and more !


See what our clients have to say about working with us.

“My Site provided invaluable techno-economic analysis for our microbiology project. We couldn't have done it without them!”

John, CEO of Biotech Inc.

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