_Human colorectal cancer cells treated with a topoisomerase inhibitor and an inhibitor of

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We support entrepreneurs and Chief Scientific Officers to increase their research speed and throughput. 

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Molecular biology

Epigenetics, gene regulation, RNA biology, multiomics.


Bio-enabled cyclic economies, waste recovery, bioremediation, species conservation.


Super-resolution microscopy (STED, MinFLUX, PALM, STORM),  cell line development, sequencing techniques, bioreactors, model organisms.


Autoimmune disease, immune response to pathogens, cancer therapy, 

Advanced crop sciences

Engineering symbiosis, photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, water regulation, and more.

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We are scientists working in leading labs across a range of research projects. We consistently add new members to our community based on proven track record of exceptional knowledge and scientific contributions.  

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