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Microbial Protein

Techno Economic Analysis

Systematic analysis & quantification of manufacturing options

Food security is an urgent issue that requires immediate action. 

MP can help address the Food Challenge while using only a fraction of Earth's resources compared to plants and animals.


We help business leaders assess the market potential of MP and accompany them in their first steps with a proof of concept production.

Proof of Concept


Demonstration of production technical feasibility

Single Cell Oil

Gain insight on the production of eco-friendly microbial oils that are disrupting the food, cosmetics, and fuel industries. These oils are in high-demand by conscientious consumers and using modern genetic tools they are becoming increasingly affordable. We advise organizations on the biotechnology choices required (organisms, processing, etc) to launch or improve their SCO facilities. In addition, we provide chief science officers with metabolic engineering strategies to optimize SCO production. 

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Direct Air Capture of CO2

We provide economic and environmental research on this rapidly emerging CO2 capture technology.