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Harnessing the Bioeconomy to Design a Sustainable Future

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Techno Economic Analysis

Techno Economic Analysis is an effective way to estimate economic performance of novel technology at an early stage of development. It allows in silico projection of the small scale production to commercial production. The combination of technical analysis and economic analysis gives a prediction about competitiveness of the process. 

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User friendly model

Built in a familiar tool

Adaptable and dynamic

Identification of financial and technical bottlenecks

Tailored to each process


Life Cycle Assesment

For bioeconomy projects, showcasing economic results together with environmental output is important for justification of price. Cx Bio is offering combined TEA and LCA analysis based on ISO standards. Adaptable to new and rapidly evolving processes and easy to use. 

We support companies large and small in exploring and diversifying into new topics for fermentation derived proteins, lipids and other commodities. 


Genetic manipulations for microbial lipid production

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Molecular biology of meat taste. How can microbes help improve the taste of alt meat

Downstream processing for microbial protein and lipid production


Genetical engineering approach to produce microbial lipids from renewable feedstocks 

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Biology research

Industry creation

We help you on the way to bring your 

ideas and inventions into reality with industry and research partners.

More coming soon!

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Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, we offer tailored education courses on various topics. We also craft specialised workshops to meet your unique needs and kick start your roadmap in biomanufacturing.

Power-to-Food. Turning renewable energy into food using microbes

How to make a techno-economic analysis for microbial proteins/lipids

Opportunities to use microbes for lipid production


Benefit from years of collected insights as you advance in  biomanufacturing. Explore our databases and resources designed to give you a competitive edge in the field. 

Microbial fermentation equipment database

Microbial lipid companies

Coming soon: Open source TEA

Space Industry

Cx Bio has several projects oriented towards space exploration and aimed at increasing humanity's access to deep space.

R2O2-Regolith to Oxygen, collaboration with ESA to create propellent on the Moon

Close collaboration with SpaceRadar

Coming soon: FGB

Novel Food Regulatory Advising

Fermentation is a crucial pillar of the alternative protein sector. For many applications, microbes fall under the “Novel Food” category in Europe which involves a complex regulatory process.

Safety is the number one priority for novel foods. Yet, it's also important to maintain innovation while safegaurding consumers. To do so, innovators need a clear understanding of the regulatory process.

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Cx Bio is offering an expert insights on dossier submissions, working with EFSA, upper tolerable nutrient levels, potential product uses and applications, and necessary tests for microorganism-based novel foods.

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